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Department of Space (DOS) has the primary responsibility of promoting the development of space science, technology and applications towards achieving self-reliance and facilitating in all round development of the nation. With this basic objective, DOS has evolved the following programmes:

  • Indian National Satellite (INSAT) programme for telecommunication, television broadcasting, meteorology, developmental education, societal applications such as telemedicine, tele-education, tele-advisories and similar such services

  • Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) programme for management of natural resources and various developmental projects across the country using space based imagery

  • Indigenous capability for design and development of satellite and associated technologies for communications, navigation, remote sensing and space sciences

  • Design and development of launch vehicles for access to space and orbiting INSAT, IRS satellites and space science missions

  • Research and development in space sciences and technologies as well as application programmes for national development

The Department of Space is committed to:

  • Carrying out research and development in satellite and launch vehicle technology with a goal to achieve total self reliance

  • Provide national space infrastructure for telecommunications and broadcasting needs of the country

  • Provide satellite services required for weather forecasting, monitoring, etc.

  • Provide satellite imagery required for the natural resources survey, management of natural disasters, public good services and monitoring of environment in the country

  • Provide satellite imagery and specific products and services required for the application of space science and technology for developmental purposes through Central Government, State Governments, Quasi Governmental Organisations, Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and the private sectors

  • Undertake proof of concept demonstration of space applications

  • Promote research in space sciences and development of applications programmes as per national needs

While implementing the above objectives, the Department of Space will:

  • Provide the required satellite transponders and facilities to meet the communications, television broadcasting and security requirements of our country

  • Provide adequate earth observation capability in spectral, spatial and temporal domains

  • Provide launch services to meet national requirements and commercial needs

  • Provide its products and services in a prompt and efficient manner to all the users/clients