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  Performance Evaluation of Department of Space Based on Result Framework Document (2012-13)

The Department of Space is maintaining Result Framework Document (RFD) as a useful internal mechanism for reviewing and monitoring of its key programmes. DOS started using this mechanism from the financial year 2011-12.

RFD reflects the Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Department and includes programmatic objectives on Launch Vehicle Programme, Satellite Programme (Earth Observation, Communication, Navigation and Space science), Space Applications, Advanced technologies, Infrastructure and facility development as well as the promotion of space technology, training and capacity building and international cooperation.

The RFD for Department of Space for the year 2012-13 contained 218 milestones (success indicators) in respect of 113 specific action/projects identified towards 15 programmatic objectives under Indian Space Programme and four mandatory objectives. The composite score of the RFD of Department of Space in the year 2012-13 was 59.11.

The main accomplishments that contributed to this composite score pertain to:

  • Successful launch of three PSLV missions, viz., PSLV-C19, C20 and C21

  • Successful realisation of two satellite missions, viz., SARAL and GSAT-10

  • Significant progress in realisation of RISAT-1, INSAT-3D, GSAT-14 and IRNSS-1A

  • Completion of design modifications and testing of GSLV-D5 mission

  • Successful completion of Critical Design Review for S-200 solid motor (third largest in the world)
    and propellant mock-up for L110 liquid core engine for GSLV-Mk III

  • In-orbit validation of GAGAN payload onboard GSAT-10 satellite

  • Completion of Preliminary Design Review for Mars Orbiter Mission

  • Delivery of 80,000 data products from Earth Observation Satellites

  • Significant achievements under “Advanced Technologies and Newer Initiatives” and
    “Infrastructure and facility development for Space Research”

The RFD for 2013-14 has also been prepared and submitted. The current RFD contains 162 milestones (success indicators) in respect of 84 specific action/projects identified under 15 programmatic objectives and five mandatory objectives. These targets have been identified in coherence with the projections and programmatic priorities as identified in the 12th Five Year Plan Document of the Department.

The Department has completed the mid-term appraisal by September 2013 and uploaded the achievements within the stipulated time to the Results Framework Management System.