SCATSAT-1 Wind Products (BETA Version) Released

SCATSAT-1 was launched on September 26, 2016 and was injected into 720 km orbit with the required inclination of 98°. The satellite was put into the orbit at 9:30 AM local time and then was slowly allowed to drift and it will be arrested to 8:45 AM local time. Ku-band Scatterometer of SCATSAT-1 is the main sensor on board this satellite and the data is very useful for Atmospheric and Oceanographic Applications. The Scatterometer payload of SCATSAT-1 is identical to OSCAT payload of Oceansat-2. Back scatter coefficient (sigma – 0) and Wind products are main products from this satellite.

The objectives of SCATSAT-1 Mission are:

  • To design, develop, launch and operate a state of art three axis body stabilised satellite providing ocean based remote sensing services to provide continuity of weather forecasting services to the user community

  • To develop remote sensing capability with respect to global day and night weather forecasting

  • To establish a ground segment to receive and process the payload data at a specified turn around time to meet the requirements of the user community

  • To develop related algorithms and data products at 50 km X 50 km and 25 km X 25 km grids to serve the well-established application areas and also to enhance the mission utility

Data Processing:

There are 14 to 15 orbits data available daily from SCATSAT-1 satellite. The data is being downloaded daily at Shadnagar and Antarctica ground stations together for all the orbits. The downloaded data at Antarctica is being transferred to Shadnagar for further processing and dissemination. Chains to receive, process and disseminate data products are developed in Integrated Multi-mission Ground Segment for Earth Observation Satellites (IMGEOS) environment. The systems are designed in such a way that the same can be used for future SCATSAT missions too.

Scatterometer provides back scatter coefficients over the oceans. With these values, sigma – 0 and wind vectors of the entire globe are getting computed and corresponding HDF products are being generated.  In contrary to OSCAT, here products are generated for pole to pole - North Pole (NP) to South Pole (SP) and SP to NP.            

Different types of products are getting generated for 50 km and 25 km grid sizes. Level-2B, Level-3 products are planned to be provided to all users through internet. Level-1B and Level-2A products will be enabled for access only for specific users.  Figure-1 and Figure-2 show global sigma-0 and global wind products respectively for October 18, 2016.

Data Dissemination:

Various types of products are planned to be disseminated through web portal and ftp server in near real time (within 50 minutes of data acquisition at Svalbard or Antarctica).  Level-1B, Level-2A and Level-2B products will be supplied to specific users. Level-2B and Level-3 products will be uploaded onto ftp and web portal so that the users can download products in near real time mode.

Beta Version of SCATSAT-1 Wind Products were released recently to all the users for their research and feedback. Validation of software and products is in progress and operational products will be released shortly.

Link to SCATSAT-1 Products

  SCATSAT-1 Orbit Detail    

Orbit Polar Sun Synchronous
Altitude 720 km
Inclination 97.7°
Initial Local time 9:30 AM descending (drifting)
Final local time and inclination 08:45 with 98.2°  as inclination
Orbital period 99.19 minutes
No. Of orbits per day 14+1/2


Specifications of Scatterometer Payload

Parameter Specifications
Altitude 720 km
Frequency 13.515 G Hz
Wind speed range 3 to 30 m/s
Wind speed 0 – 360 degrees
Scanning rate 20.5 rpm
Antenna Diameter 1 meter
Nominal PRF 193 Hz
Transmit pulse width 1.35 ms
  Inner beam Outer beam
Polarisation HH VV
Swath 1400 km 1800 km
Footprint 27 km X 46 km 30 km X 70 km
Beam width in degrees 1.47 X 1.63 1.39 X 1.72
Wind vector cell size 50 km X 50 km and 25 km X 25 km


Product Types of SCATSAT-1

Sl. No Type of Product Product Level Format
01 Slice level sigma – 0


02 Grid level sigma – 0 Level-2A HDF 5
03 Orbit wise wind Product Level-2B HDF 5
04 Global sigma – 0 Level-3 HDF 5
05 Global wind product Level-3 HDF 5


Global Sigma-0 Products (day wise)

Figure-1: Global Sigma-0 Products (day wise)


Global Wind Product (day wise)

Figure-2: Global Wind Product (day wise)