Post Launch Updates

October 03, 2016

Scatterometer  Payload in active mode switched ON and data collection initiated.


October 02, 2016

Calibration over Antarctica (cal val site) carried out.


October 01, 2016

Calibration over Rann of Kutch (cal val site) carried out.


September 30, 2016

3.  Payload Calibration over  Amazon (cal val site)  and  Deep Space carried out.

2.  Star Sensor-2 made OFF and Star Sensor -1 selected for control.

1.  Star Sensor -2 performance evaluation has been carried out by selecting it for control for two orbits.


September 29, 2016

3. Deep space Calibration carried out

2. Calibration over Greenland (cal val site) carried out

1. Scatterometer Scanning Mechanism (SSM) main mode ON in Radiometric Mode


September 28, 2016

3. Radiometric mode Calibration over Antarctica (cal val site) carried out.

2. Radiometric mode Calibration over Amazon (cal val site) carried out.

1. Radiometric mode Deep space calibration carried out.


September 27, 2016

4. Calibration for brightness temperature was carried out over Green Land. (cal val site)

3. Deep space Radiometric calibration operation carried out.

2. First payload data downloaded over Antarctica station.

1. Scatterometer Scanning Mechanism (SSM) in Redundant Mode initiated


September 26, 2016

3. Scatterometer initial configuration completed

2. Successfully acquired 3 Axis Attitude stabilisation

1. Successfully deployed Solar Panels and Hold Down & Release Mechanism of Scatterometer Antenna