Annexure - 1


Specifications of Terrain Mapping Camera (TMC):


Spatial sampling  

 5 × 5m2 (from 100 km orbit)  


 20 km  

 Spectral band  

 Panchromatic (0.5–0.75 μm)  

 Stereo mode  

 Along track triplet, B/H ≈ 1  

 No. of gains and exposure  

 4 each  


 12 bits  

 Square wave response  


 Signal to noise ratio  


 Operating temperature  

 20 ± 10°C  


  1.8 W  


 6.3 kg  







Annexure – 2


Specifications of Hyper spectral Imager (HySI):


Spatial sampling (from 100 km altitude)  

 80 × 80 m2  


 20 km  

 Spectral range  

 421–964 nm  

 No. of spectral bands  

 64 continuous  

 Spectral bandwidth  

 <20 nm  

 No. of gain setting  


 No. of exposure setting  



 12 bits  

 Signal to noise ratio (mare soil, ± 60° lat.)  


 Square wave response  


 Operating temperature  

 20 ± 10°C  


  2.6 W  


 2.5 kg  





Annexure – 3


Data products from TMC, HySI


Standard data products of TMC:


Level 3: Radiometrically corrected and geometrically mapped products.

Ortho images and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) products derived from TMC.


Standard data products of HySI:


Level 4: Radiometrically corrected, Band to Band registered and geometrically mapped data products




 Annexure - 4


Cover Page of the Proposal



Title of the Proposal                                                 





Name and Designation of PI                              





Telephone, Fax and E-mail Address    





Name of Institution with full Address   





Signature of PI with Date




Signature of Head of Institution                        


Announcement of Opportunity (AO) proposal

Submitted to Space Applications Centre (ISRO) on


Annexure -5


Format of the Proposal

1.         Title of the Proposal:


2.         Name of the Principal Investigator:






Mailing Address:


  1. Summary of the proposed work


  1. Details on the preliminary work done/background experience, if any


  1. List of Publications in the related field


  1. Description of the project
  • Theme
  • Objectives
  • Study area ( region of extent in terms of latitude/ longitude )
  • Data  requirement Methodology
  • Schedule
  • Expected results and its possible uses


7.         Name of Co-investigator(s) in the AO project (please include bio-data of all Investigators)


8.        Available facilities and equipment at your institution

                                                                                                Annexure -6


Format for Declaration




We have carefully read the terms and conditions of Announcement of Opportunity (AO) programme  for utilisation of data of Chandrayaan-1 Terrain Mapping Camera (TMC) and Hyperspectral Imager (HysI)  payloads and agree to abide by them.


It is certified that if the AO proposal is accepted and supported by the Space Applications Centre, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), the facilities as identified in the proposal and administrative support available at our institution and needed to execute the project will be extended to the Principal Investigator and other Co-investigators.


We certify that the data products provided would be used only for the intended AO project.


It is agreed that data products will be returned to ISRO in case the AO project does not progress / completed as scheduled.




Signature of PI with Name and Designation





Signature of Head of Institution with Name and Designation




Seal of Head of Institution


List of Abbreviations


AO      - Announcement of Opportunity

DOS   - Department of Space

SAC – Space Applications Centre

ISRO - Indian Space Research Organisation

TMC    - Terrain Mapping Camera

DEM   - Digital Elevation Model

CH1    - Chandrayaan-1 Mission

HySI   - Hyper spectral Imager

PI        - Principal Investigator

PSLV - Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle