Specific areas of interest

Terrain Mapping Camera (TMC)

Proposals are invited in the following areas of interest for utilisation of Terrain Mapping Camera (TMC) data:

  • Understanding lunar geo-morphological and surface processes
  • Understanding evolution of mare and non mare basins through morphological mapping and surface age determination using approach of Crater Size Frequency Distribution (CSFD).
  • Understanding lunar volcanic processes
  • Understanding  impact cratering processes
  • Combined analysis of TMC and HySI data to study morphology and lithology of lunar landforms i.e Central peaks of Craters, Domes, Riles, multi-ring basins

Hyperspectral Imager (HySI)

Proposals are invited in the following areas of interest for utilisation of Hyperspectral Imager (HySI) data:

  • Algorithm development for semi-automated/automated processing of radiometrically corrected, band to band registered HySI data to obtain rock type composite products.
  • New algorithm development or refinement of existing algorithms for FeO and TiO2 mapping using HySI data and a comparative assessment of the HySI generated maps with that of Clementine, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO)-Wide Angle Camera (WAC) and Moon Mineralogy Mapper-derived FeO and TiO2 products.
  • Lithological mapping and compositional variability of lunar mare basalts.
  • Estimation of optical maturity of the lunar surface and its implications in surface composition mapping using HySI data.
  • Simulation and modelling of lunar surface reflectance and radiative transfer modeling for non-linear mineral mixing analysis.

      The above-mentioned topics are only indicative and PIs are free to suggest other potential topics of direct relevance. The proposals can also be a combination of several of those areas mentioned in the topics of interest under TMC and HySI.