Oct 12, 2011


Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, in its twentieth flight (PSLV-C18) launches Megha-Tropiques satellite along with three auxiliary payloads with a total payload mass of 1047 kg from the first launch pad of Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC SHAR).

PSLV-C18 is the seventh flight of PSLV in 'core-alone' configuration i.e, without solid strap-on motors.

PSLV- C18 Stages at a Glance
Nomenclature PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4
Propellant Solid
(HTPB Based)
(UH25 + N2O4)
(HTPB Based)
(MMH + MON-3)
Mass (Tonne) 138.0 41.7 7.6 0.8
Max Thrust (kN) 4800 799 247 7.3 X 2
Burn Time (sec) 100 148 108 163
Stage Dia (m) 2.8 2.8 2.0 2.8
Stage Length  (m) 20 12.8 3.6 2.0
Control Secondary Injection Thrust Vector Control for Pitch & Yaw plane

Reaction control Thrusters for Roll Control
Engine Gimbal for Pitch & Yaw plane

Hot Gas Reaction Control System (RCS) for Roll Control
Flex Nozzle for Pitch & Yaw plane

PS4 RCS for Roll Control
Engine Gimbal for Pitch & Yaw plane

RCS for Coast Phase Control