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Filling up the post of Controller in U R Rao Satellite Centre (URSC), Department of Space, ISRO, Bengaluru in Level 14 of Pay Matrix (7th CPC) on Deputation basis (Last date for submission is 15/11/2021)
Announcement of Opportunity for Chandrayaan-2 science data utilisationLast date for submission of proposals is Oct 31, 2021
The current e-procurement site is proposed to switch over to new website. All the registered/new vendors are requested to visit new website at https://eproc.isro.gov.in and validate your credentials for participating with ISRO centres.


ISRO is offering technologies in a wide range of areas for the benefit of Indian industries / entrepreneurs. The technologies on offer can be viewed from the “Technology Offer” page in the web portal. For ease, you may click on the link below for details of the technologies on offer from us.
Technology Transfer at ISRO follows a well defined mechanism established over the years. The list of technologies on offer from ISRO is made available in “Technology Offer” section of this site. Based on your area of interest, you may get in touch with our Technology Transfer (TT) focal points by providing details of your present activities, requirements and plans for implementation, infrastructure and technical expertise available with your firm, own market assessment of the technology etc.
The fees charged are nominal and vary from case to case. Any technology transfer from ISRO would entail the following:

  1. Technology Transfer Fee
  2. Technology Transfer Documentation Fee
The fee is based on a component of the developmental cost of the technology. Royalty at the rate of 3 % -7% of the ex factory sale price must be paid by the party to the ISRO Centre / Unit for the products/units sold.
All the Intellectual Property rights such as patents, copy rights, design rights, trademarks etc., pertaining to the know how licensed by ISRO , including the Intellectual Property rights of modifications / improvements made vests with ISRO, irrespective of whether the modifications/improvements are initiated and /or executed by ISRO or jointly by ISRO and licensee or by licensee.
Usually ISRO offers matured technologies that can be readily transferred to the industry, with little or no modification. As far as possible, ISRO tries to complete the TT process within a short time frame. Process of TT itself is very simple. TT is effected through Technology Transfer Documentation (TTD), which takes approximately 1-2 months from the date of signing of the Agreement.
The amount of Royalty paid varies from 3-7% depending on the “Technology Transferred”. The Royalty amount needs to be paid to ISRO Centre/Unit with whom the party signs the Agreement. The details of the same will be provided by ISRO
ISRO will offer to buy back the products on a need basis only.
The purpose of the ISRO TT is to enable licensee industry to successfully undertake productionisation and commercialisation of the product. The licensee industry is expected to market the product widely. However, the licensee industry is not allowed to retransfer or sell the technology to a third party.
You can contact the ISRO Centre TT focal points for getting more details on the technologies. After a few initial screening steps, our TT team will get in touch with serious industries / entrepreneurs.
ISROs Technology Transfers cover a wide spectrum of technologies/applications in the areas of Chemicals and Speciality Materials, Electronics and Computer Based System, Telecommunication / Broadcasting / Navigation, Optics, Mechanical, Electro-Mechanical & Others. A list of such technologies is available in the “Technology Offers” section of this site.
Yes, you can send us a “Technology Request” along with your complete technical, infrastructure and financial details. Our team will get in touch with you if the Technology is readily available for transfer.
Following your first enquiry, our Technology Transfer Group (TTG) team will respond with a suggested course of action which might include a preliminary discussion and a factory or site visit. Once the areas of expertise, the services and the man-days estimated/to be required are determined, a letter-contract, or a more formal Agreement, will be executed between ISRO and your enterprise, on the basis of which the consultancy services are rendered.

These charges are very moderate. Apart from travel expenses, actuals are charged for documentation, minor experimentation and testing and bought-out services. Fees per man-day of services rendered vary from Rs.10,000 for public sector and large private-sector enterprises down to Rs.3,000 for tiny or cottage-scale industries