Opening Up Indian Space Sector For Private Sector –Reforms

In order to enhance the diffusion of space technology and boost space economy within the country, DOS desires to encourage the participation of private companies in space activities. ISRO shall complement DOS in its objective of opening up the space sector to private industries. In this regard, the following reforms are proposed in the mode of execution of space activities in the country:

  1. In order to enhance utilization and maximize benefits from the space assets, it is proposed to change the approach from “Supply Based Model” to “Demand Based Model”. NewSpace India Limited (NSIL) will act as the aggregator of user requirements and obtain commitments.
  2. NSIL to take ownership from DOS for operational launch vehicles, commercialize launches, satellites and services.
  3. Permit NGPE’s to carry out space activities through an Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Center (IN-SPACe)
  4. ISRO to carry out capacity building in Space domain through development of new technologies and capabilities and enable sharing of facilities by NSIL and NGPE’s.
  5. Announcement of Opportunities for NGPE’s offering challenges in new domains of technology.