Supported Areas of Research

A. Research proposals are Supported by ISRO in the areas of relevance to the space programme. Some of the broad areas  are mentioned below:

  • Space Science : Physics of the ionosphere and magnetosphere; meteorology, dynamics of the atmosphere; geophysics, geology; astronomy; cosmology; astrophysics; planetary  and interplanetary space physics and climatology.
  • Space technology : Rocket and satellite technology; propulsion systems design and optimization; aerodynamics and heat transfer problems related to space vehicles; guidance and control systems for launch vehicles and spacecraft; polymer chemistry, propellant technology; ultra-light-weight structure; satellite energy systems; space electronics, Space communication systems; orbital mechanics, computer sciences and new material development.
  • Space Application : Remote sensing of the earth’s resources: space communication; satellite geodesy image processing, satellite meteorology including weather forecasting, Space Education and Ecology.

B. ​​"Research Areas in Space "-A document of Research Areas for soliciting proposals from academia-   Download

C. "Respond BASKET " comprises a set of most urgent and immediate research areas for the academia to select and prepare detailed proposals on priority basis under RESPOND programme - Download

For research areas supported by NRSC,


For research areas supported by LPSC, 


For research areas supported by SAC,