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राष्ट्रीय अंतरिक्ष परिवहन नीति – 2020 का मसौदा

3.4 Preparing an ASTROSAT proposal

Proposers will need to register into the APPS before they can prepare proposals.    Proposers  may  go  through  the  APPS  help  document  regarding  entry of  proposals.

There are four sections in APPS that proposers will need to complete in order to prepare a valid proposal.  AstroSat proposals must contain scientific and technical justifications and a large number of observing parameters such as the coordinates of the proposed targets, primary instrument, required total observing time, instrument configurations, etc.

Only valid submitted proposals will be reviewed. The entry of necessary observing parameters is facilitated by APPS.

There are different types of proposals like regular pointing with or without any time constraints, Monitoring proposals and anticipated ToO proposals.  Details about these may be seen in APPS proposers’ guide.

3.4.1   Cover  page

                                    The cover page shall contain an overview of the proposal in the form of title and abstract, the names of proposers, contact information of the Principal Investigator (PI) or Primary Observer. If a PI is a theoretician or wants to appoint a Co-Investigator (Co-I) as the primary contact person for any technical information on the proposal, the PI can assign one of the Co-Is as the primary observer.  The cover page shall also contain fields for total observing time and total stare time (any instrument overhead + total observing time). These fields will automatically be calculated from the exposure time set for the primary instrument.        

3.4.2   Target list & Instrument configurations

                              The target list should contain information about each proposed target such as Target name, coordinates, target angular size, variability, V magnitude and 2-10 keV X-ray flux etc.  The observing time and stare time for the target will be automatically calculated from the exposure details for the primary instrument.  Target names can be resolved with NASA Extragalactic Database (NED) or Set of Identification, Measurements and Bibliography for Astronomical Data (Simbad) and coordinates (J2000) can be fetched from these servers. Details of entering the configuration may be obtained from APPS proposer’s guide. 

                 3.4.3   Attachments

The following files in pdf format ARE MANDATORY and must be attached to complete a proposal.

·         Scientific Justification

  • Technical Justification
  • Output file from UVIT Bright source warning tool in pdf format.
  • Astroviewer output (to include view opportunity files and view opportunity in eclipse (for UVIT))

3.4.4   Supplementary Information (Optional)

            Proposers can provide supplementary information e.g., any special             requirement.