Space Technology Cells [STC]

ISRO has also set up Space Technology Cells at premiere institutions like Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) - Bombay, Kanpur, Kharagpur & Madras; Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore and Joint Research Programme with University of Pune to carry out research activities in the areas of space technology and applications.

These STCs and JRP are guided by Joint Policy Committees (JPC) chaired by Director/Vice Chancellor of the respective institution and with members from ISRO/DOS (Senior Scientists/Engineers) & the respective institution. The joint policy committee, duly assisted by technical/ scientific committee at six ISRO-STC cells in IITs and IISc, reviews and suitable proposals are approved for taking up research.

Space Technology Cells are currently operational at:

IITs (Bombay, Kanpur, Kharagpur and Madras) : 4

IISc Bangalore : 1

Joint Research Programme at Pune University: 1


Three more STCs are proposed at

IIT ( Delhi, Rookee, Guwahati)


The broad areas of research by STCs include:


Materials metallurgy






Space physics



Heat transfer

Power electronics



Gas dynamics

Signal processing 


Space radiation

Data compression & processing

Navigation and guidance


Supersonic flow studies

Rural development

Remote sensing 

Developmental communication


Under the STC, projects are taken up by the faculty of the Institute. For more details, visit:;;;

Click the link below to see the List of completed projects taken up under STCs from 2008  till April 2018

Click the link below to see the List of on-going projects under STCsas of April 2018


ISRO Centre wise Distribution of Projects As of November, 2019


ISRO Centre wise Distribution of Projects As of November, 2019