Video from the onboard cameras of GSLV-D6

Format : MP4
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Duration : 00:01:11
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Two onboard cameras were placed on the launcher- one at the second stage (GS2) looking down towards first stage (GS1) and the second on top of GS2 to look at the nozzle of the cryo stage. The initial segment of the video shows the nozzle portion of the GS2 looking down towards the top dome of the GS1 stage. The vented interstage skirt is also visible. The GS2 stage ignition followed by the GS1 separation (S139 along with four strap-ons) is clearly seen. Three strap-ons separating along with S139 and the interstage separation can also be seen. Afterwards, the screen is blank to switch between the cameras. The later portion of the video shows the magnificent ignition of the indigenous cryogenic stage.