Chair's Summary

Space Economy Leaders Meeting (SELM)

July 06, 2023

This summary of discussions is established under the responsibility of the Chair of the 4th Space Economy Leaders Meeting (SELM) with the purpose of reflecting key issues discussed during the 4th SELM that took place in Bengaluru during July 6-7, 2023 with the theme: Towards a New Space ERA (Economy, Responsibility & Alliance)


Recognizing the important role of the space economy within the global economy, the delegates discussed the potential to continue Space Economy Leaders Meeting in order to consider conducive policy regimes across the nations for enhanced space industry-level collaborations.


Recalling the reaffirmation at the second SELM (2021) to address the growing hazard of space debris and increasing congestion in Earth's orbit, the delegates noted the benefit of preserving certain orbital regimes for safe human space flight activities for the benefit of all nations. The delegates also noted the potential benefits of moving towards more sustainable manufacturing of space systems and progressive use of eco-friendly and green propulsion systems.


Recognizing the increasing number and diversity of players in space, leaders stressed the importance of bilateral and multilateral partnerships involving the space agencies, industries and academia to address the challenges to the long-term sustainability of outer space. Leaders have also encouraged all space-faring nations to promote international cooperation and capacity building in support of the space-aspiring nations.