Systems Reliability and Quality

1.  How does ISRO ensure the quality of systems realised through external industries/partners?

The control of quality during the realisation process through the process and quality plans approved by ISRO and carried out by the external work-centres, whereas the final acceptance of these systems is subject to the quality surveillance and audit of ISRO’s Quality Assurance teams.

2.  How does ISRO ensure improvement in the quality of space systems?

Initiatives towards further improvement of the quality of operational systems with respect to launch vehicles, spacecraft, ground systems and space applications are regularly taken up as the department’s quest for continual improvement.

3. What are the reliability and quality standards followed by ISRO?

ISRO publishes reliability and quality standards known as ISRO Technical Standards (ITecS). Where such standards are yet to be published by ISRO, the internationally accepted standards applicable for space are used.