Occupational Health and Safety

1. What is ISRO’s safety policy.

Total commitment to maintain highest standards of safety, occupational health and environmental protection during all its activities.


2. How does ISRO ensure safety?

ISRO Centres and Units have full-fledged Safety divisions to ensure safety of employees and environment from all types of work related hazards through Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). They ensure safety through strict in-process surveillance of all hazardous activities.


3. What safety measures does a contactor have to follow for civil works?

ISRO Contractor safety manual is available on ISRO website for reference. Visit https://www.isro.gov.in/tenders/manual-tendering/schedule-H


4. How does ISRO handle e-waste and chemical waste?

Disposal of e-waste and chemical waste is carried out through authorised recycler following SOPs.


5. Does ISRO have an Environment policy?

Yes, it is encompassed under its Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental (SOH&E) Policy.


6. Where is ISRO’s Safety Head Office located?

It is located at Bengaluru, Karnataka state.


7. How does ISRO improve its safety measures?

Regular training to those employees engaged in hazardous activities, mock-drills, fire-drills, First-aid demonstrations, etc. are being conducted. In addition, periodic safety audit of all Centres / Units by teams of safety experts is carried out.