Earth Observation

1. What is remote sensing satellite?

A Remote Sensing satellite is intended for natural resource monitoring and management and operates from a Sun Synchronous Polar Orbit (SSPO).


2. Is there any policy available on remote sensing satellite data dissemination in India?

Remote sensing data to Indian users are disseminated as per Remote Sensing Data Policy 2011.


3. What is SAMS stand for?

Considering the reforms in the space sector, erstwhile NNRMS has been re-structured as Space Applications Management System (SAMS) with enhanced scope. Its apex body is known as Planning Committee of SAMS (PC-SAMS), which provides policy guidelines and oversee the progress of SAMS activities. It is having 10 theme based Standing Committees. Its Secretariat is located at Earth observation applications & Disaster management support Programme Office (EDPO), ISRO HQ., Bangalore.