Land Degradation Mapping

Land degradation is temporary or permanent degeneration of productivity of land due to physical, chemical or biological factors. Regular updates and information on degraded land is essential for the Government to plan necessary measures to tackle degradation processes and to plan for reclamation programmes.

National level land degradation mapping is taken up by ISRO along with partner institutions, under Natural Resources Census (NRC) mission of DOS/ISRO, towards generating information on land degradation at 1:50,000 scale, using 23m resolution (multi-temporal & multi-spectral) IRS data. The task involves adaptation of uniform classification standards along with common geospatial database framework for generating reliable land degradation information.

Two cycles of land degradation mapping at 1:50,000 scale, for the timeframe 2005-06 and 2015-16, have been accomplished.  Apart from providing the spatial extent of the land degradation, changes between the 1st and the 2nd cycles were also assessed.  Bhuvan Geoportal gives details of these digital maps through online queries.

Land degradation map of India (generated using 23m resolution IRS satellite data of 2015-16)

Land degradation map of India (generated using LISS-III  data of 2015-16)