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Digital India Week at Space Application Centre (SAC) Ahmedabad

With the launch of Digital India programme by Honourable Prime Minister of India, Space Applications Centre joined the celebration of Digital India Week. As a part of the Digital India week, wide publicity was given for the inaugural address by PM and exhaustive arrangements were made to facilitate SAC personnel to watch the entire program.

Photos of the event of the activity on July 1, 2015

During this week following programmes have been arranged.

Three lectures were organized as a part of Digital India Week Celebration.
1.First lecture was in the field of computerized working in administrative areas,
2.Second lecture was on tele-medicine
3.Third lecture was on weather forecasting.
As part of Digital India Week, as per instructions from ISRO HQ, and initiative by Controller, SAC & GH, PPG a lecture on E-Procurement was organized on 6th July 2015, to create awareness about initiatives taken by Government and Department of Space in this direction.

The lecture was attended by large no. of employees including Indentor’s, Budget Coordinator’s and staff from three administrative areas. The event was co-ordinated by Head, MISD and his division. In her opening remarks, Controller, Ms. Mallika Mahajan gave an overview of various steps and initiatives taken by Government of India in the area of Digital Domain. She also emphasized on the need and mandate for migrating to E-Procurement mode for all Government purchases. Mrs. K.N. Saraswathi, Sr. HPS briefed about the EProcurement process in general and the solution adopted by ISRO/DOS. She broadly touched upon various features of E-Procurement solution implemented in ISRO/DOS.

Shri Upendra Gondhalekar, Sr. Purchase & Stores Officer gave a detailed lecture on EGPS and its various features. Shri Poojesh Bhimani, Scientific Assistant, MISD gave lecture on EGPS value addition, a web site developed by MISD for fetching various MIS reports from EGPS database.

The lecture was followed by Question & Answer Session, where a no. of doubts were clearedand suggestions taken. Event ended with vote of thanks by Shri Naveen Shukla, Head, MISD.

Second lecture “Continuing Medical Education (CME) on ISRO’s Telemedicine network” was delivered by Shri S.Phani Kumar, DECU on 7th July, 2015.
Shri Phanikumar explained about the features of CME and the interaction between various hospitals and user agencies.
This lecture was attended by Director, DECU and personnel from different areas SAC and DECU. Lecture ended with question and answer session.

Third lecture “Weather Tomorrow : Sixth Sense to Digital Information Systems” was delivered by Ms.Pushpalata Shah, Head, DWD/ADVG/EPSA on 7th July, 2015.

This lecture was attended by Director, DECU and personnel from different areas SAC and DECU. Lecture ended with question and answer session. Speaker also explained how the M-Governance has been implemented using MOSDAC mobile app.
Session ended with vote of thanks by Shri DNVSSN Murty, PPMD/PPG.
Shri Naveen Shukla, Head, MISD for providing the brief report on the 1st lecture. Acknowledgements to all the speakers who have accepted invitation within a short span of time and delivered a good lecture covering wide spectrum of details.