Digital India Week at National Remote Sensing Center (NRSC)

NRSC organized half day program on 07.07.2015 10.00 – 13.00 hrs comprising of lectures on Societal Benefits of Remote Sensing, ISRO Geoportal Bhuvan and Question Answer Session comprising senior officials from NRSC.Dr.P.G.Diwakar, DD (RS&GIS) welcomed gathering and emphasized the role Geospatial technologies and its impact on society. He also briefly touched upon various other activities of ISRO which will trigger Digital India Program like Tele education, Tele Medicine etc.Sri.B.Gopala Krishna DD (DPPA&WAA) in his address briefly touched upon the vision for Digital India Program which aims at inclusive growth in areas of electronic services, products, manufacturing and job opportunities etc. The policy initiatives by Department of Electronics and Information technology (DeitY) and its impact in society werealso briefed to students.He urged the children to use Bhuvan platform to update some landmarks of their respective schools or house so that it can be seen on Bhuvan, as a crowd sourcing activity along with the learning . He also said that with the current exposure one more program will be arranged with more hands on and interactions for students latter at a mutually convenient date. 

Ms.Anjum Mahtab delivered lecture on societal benefits of Remote Sensing covering salient features of the technology and how it is used for various thematic applications. Mr.Arulraj covered Bhuvan and its applications. He also showed how students can download various applications from Bhuvan and encouraged interested students to update the features in and around their schools. The question answer session was also arranged with Dr.C.B.S.Dutt  DD (ECSA) as the chairman and panel comprising of Dr.P.G.Diwakar DD(RS&GIS), Sri.B.Gopala KrishnaDD(DPPA&WAA), Sri.K.V.RatnakumarDD( SDR&ISA), Sri.P.Srinivasulu, GM(AS&DM), Dr.R.Nagaraja GD(NDC), Dr.VinodBothalae, GD( Bhuvan & WA) .The response was overwhelming and 175 questions on various aspects of space, Geospatial Technologies were received. Due to the limited time, screening was done and around 25 questions were answered by the panelists; also it was ensured that no school was missed while screening the questions. There were 285 students from 20 schools covering various geographical parts of twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.The participating schools were given a memento which was collected by the respective teachers and all the students will be given a participation certificate shortly, which is under preparation .Dr.S.Arunachalam proposed the vote of thanks followed by group photo near photolab. All the questions and answers will be hosted NRSC website along with presentations, few photographs of the event, which can be downloaded by the students/teachers.