Digital India Week at ISRO Inertial Systems Unit (IISU) Trivandrum

 Digital India Week was organized in VKC campus. Considering the small staff strength of VKC campus, the programme was conceived as a single high impact event, relevant to the entire staff. The event was organized as a half day session, during the AN of 07/07/2015. It was arranged under the auspices of the Library and Seminar Committee, VKC. Adequate publicity was given by inviting all IISU-CMSE staff through email. Notices were put up in IISU and CMSE noticeboards.

          The event took place in the Sagara Conference Hall of IISU. About 100 participants were present. The session was opened by Shri. S Hemachandran, GD, ISEP by giving a presentation on the objectives of the Digital India Initiative of the Government of India. The briefing was aided by a PowerPoint display. The three vision statements and nine pillars of the initiative were succinctly explained by Shri. S Hemachandran.

          This was followed by a lecture by an external IT expert, Shri. G Neelakantan, IT Consultant, Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram on “Safe Internet Practices”. In the context of the national initiative to bring about a fundamental shift towards electronically enabled transactions and digital interactions in all domains, the paramount importance of ensuring security in all IT Enabled Services was emphasized. A structured presentation, with the help of PowerPoint slides was given. Through several examples and scenarios, the speaker guided the participants through the concepts of IT security. The session was highly interactive, with the audience seeking clarifications on points of particular interest. Participants were encouraged to ask questions and contribute to the discussion. Refreshments were served during the session.