Digital India Week at Development and Educational Communication Unit (DECU) Ahmedabad

July 1 to 7, 2015 was being celebrated as the “Digital India” week. DECU with a Scientific/Technical staff strength of 45, has following contributions towards the Digital India celebration:

DECU has developed an in-house Augmented Reality App – Sakaar. The application was launched by Hon. Dr Jitendra Singh, Minister of State for Department of Space in New Delhi in presence of Shri A. S. Kiran Kumar, Chairman ISRO and has been sent to ISRO HQ for uploading on ISRO Portal with a link to the SAC internet website.


In order to create awareness on the utilisation of Sakaar, separate communication in the form of letters containing the basic information related to the app along with copy of the trigger cards were sent to around 11800 schools of ICSE and CBSE Board.

The same was sent to All state’s Education Secretaries (36) with request to circulate to all schools in their respective states.

An Advertisement was conceputalised and designed for publishing in news paper to increase the outreach of Sakaar App using digital media. It was sent to ISRO HQ for necessary action.

A lecture was delivered for SAC and DECU colleagues, on Continuing Medical Education (CME) on ISRO’s Telemedicine network by Shri S. PhaniKumar on July 7, 2015.

CME lecture on “Breast cancer management - Multidisciplinary treatment and oncoplastic surgery” by Dr. Anagha Zope was transmitted from DECU Studio. The Video Coverage was edited and   was sent to ISRO HQ for uploading on ISRO Portal.

As a part of TDP R&D activities, DECU has developed and launched an in-house prototype “Image-based Video Searching Tool”. Using a reference image as an input, the software tool can search and output the source videos containing similar images from a huge library of videos. Prototype version was inaugurated and released by Shri Vikram Desai, Director, DECU for our colleagues on July 3, 2015.

DECU has also developed in-house, a LED-based prototype multi-language selection tool. This switching panel shall be connected to LED displays in the proposed exhibition and shall provide options to users of playing the same video in any one of the three languages (English, Hindi & Gujarati).

DECU has been regularly doing the monitoring of Telemedicine programme of ISRO from Satcom Network Monitoring facility at DECU. In this connection, a live videoconference through satellite was organised with the representatives from Telemedicine Hub at ISTRAC, Bengaluru and the DECU officials at Satcom Monitoring Facility, DECU.

During this week around 20 Telemedicine consultations took place. Normally 10 to 15 patients per consultation gets benefit.

Several programmes have been captured from the old analog videotapes. These videos were converted into digital format and are being archived. Recently, 225 programmes were captured and archived in the in-house Digital Assets Management (DAM) system during this week.