Digital India Week at Semi-Conductor Laboratory (SCL), Chandigarh

Presentation on Digital India programme

A presentation was organised on Digital India Programme on July 07, 2015 for awareness among SCL employees. Presentation was made by Information Security Officer (SCL) supported by SCL Information Security Team and was well attended by a cross-section of employees from all Divisions. There were around 80 participants.

After the presentation, participants were engaged in an interactive session where the Digital India Programme and related Cyber Security issues were thoroughly discussed.

Speaker, also being the Information Security Officer, undertook a brief session on Cyber Security Awareness which was well appreciated.

Intranet webcast of Prime- Minister’s Inaugural speech on Digital India  

Honourable Prime Minister’s Inaugural speech on Digital India Programme was webcasted on SCL Intranet Portal on 6th and 7th July, 2015. This was also attended by a large section of employees.