Digital India Week at ISRO Satellite Centre (ISAC) Bangalore

1.    As a precursor and as a part of reaching out the public, the ISAC website on Internet developed by ISAC under the guidance/review of ISAC Web content management committee was inaugurated by Director, ISAC on 08-06-2015, which has been visited by more than 24000 viewers so far.

2.    “E-governance  - Reforming Government through technology” being one of the key focus area emphasizing government business process re-engineering using IT to improve transactions  through electronic data bases, workflow automation and electronic delivery of services, it was decided to spread awareness on various e-governance/workflow applications developed by ISAC to other ISRO centres and accordingly a detailed mailer was sent to other ISRO centres.

3.    A Communication was sent to the employees about the Digital India Week and live telecast/webcast of the inaugural program by Prime Minister on 01-07-2015 through broadcast circular, flash messages on SAMWAD intranet portal and ISAC Mail home pages.

4.    As a part of preparation for the live webcast/telecast of Digital India week inaugural program launch by the Prime Minister of India on 1st July, the infrastructure setup for webcast/telecast was tested at ISAC auditorium.

5.    During the Digital India Week inaugural program from 16:00 hrs on 01-07-2015 live telecast at Satish Dhawan auditorium and webcast through ISAC Intranet was organized. The recording of the webcast was made available through ISAC Intranet for later access.

6.    As a step towards green IT leading to paperless office, It was decided to launch three of the in-house developed e-governance/workflow automation applications during the Digital India week. On 07-07-2015 at ISAC auditorium the following e-governance/workflow applications developed by CIG were launched by Director, ISAC.

·         Manufacturing Activity Information System (MAIS): web based workflow software to automate the complete manufacturing process from job requisition to job delivery incorporating features for job assignments, report generation and escalation alarms through email.

·         Vibration Test Information System (VTIS): Vibration testing is a very important phase in the lifecycle satellite project lifecycle. To automate and streamline vibration testing process activities from user indenting to carrying out the tests including archival of test data in a comprehensive manner, Vibration Test Information System (VTIS), a web based workflow software has been developed and deployed.

·         ISAC LAN Help Desk is an online system designed to simplify the complaint logging and resolution process related to ISAC Central LAN, Internet, and Thin client related problems. Using this Web portal, users can easily register complaints, check the status and view solutions to their complaints online.  Users will also get email notification on registering as well as on closure of the complaints. 

7.    Director ISAC, after the launch of above e-governance/workflow applications gave a brief speech to ISAC employees, in which he highlighted

(a)  the key objectives of Digital India Vision program namely Digital Infrastructure as a utility to every citizen, governance &services on demand, Digital empowerment of citizens

(b)  importance of e-governance initiatives for the electronic delivery of services, transparency, equal opportunity within the government departments and in government to people transactions

(c)  how ISAC/ISRO was a forerunner for the technology demonstrations of the services being emphasized by Government of India as part of Digital India namely e-healthcare, e-education through its tele-education and telemedicine programs using satellite technology

(d)   importance of information technology enabling Satellite Project activities and information security        

Following the e-governance applications launch, as a part of spreading “Information Security awareness”, an interactive lecture cum workshop by Ms. Savitha Gowda , Senior Technical Officer, CDAC was organized for ISAC employees, which was very well attended and appreciated. The lecture PPT and video recording of the lecture has been preserved to be used as a training resource for future use in ISAC with due approval from M/s CDAC.