Citizen's Charter

Harness space technology for national development, while pursuing space science research and planetary exploration.


  • User Ministries/Departments of the Central Government viz., Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Department of Telecommunications, India Meteorological Department
  • Remote Sensing Agencies in State Governments and Union Territories
  • Quasi Government Organisations, NGOs and the Private Sector for developmental purposes through satellite imaging.
  • Educational institutions in promotion of research and development in space science and technology.



  • The Department of Space has evolved the following programmes with the objective of promoting & developing application of space science and space technology:
  •  Launch Vehicle programme having indigenous capability for launching satellites.
  • INSAT Programme for telecommunications, broadcasting, meteorology, development of education etc.
  • Remote Sensing Programme for application of satellite imagery for various developmental purposes.
  • Research and Development in Space Sciences and Technology for serving the end of applying them for national development.



  • Provide national space infrastructure for the telecommunication needs of the country.
  • Provide satellite services required for weather forecasting, monitoring etc.
  • Provide satellite imagery required for the developmental and security needs of the country.
  • Provide satellite imagery and specific products and services required for application of space science and technology for developmental purposes to the Central Government, State Governments, Quasi Governmental Organisations, NGOs and the private sector.
  • Promote Research & Development in space sciences and technology.


While making the above mentioned objectives operational, Department of Space will

  • Provide required transponders and facilities out of its own capacity as well as by hiring additional capacity, if needed.
  • Register Indian Satellite System for public and private sectors.
  • Provide its products and services in a prompt, efficient and corruption free manner to all the users/clients.


Public Grievance and complaints

Joint Secretary, Public Grievances Officer & Chief Vigilance Officer,
Department of Space
Antariksh Bhavan New BEL Road,
Bengaluru-560 231
Phone No.080 23416393 or 080 22172303
Fax No.080 23511829
e-mail: jsoffice[at]isro[dot]gov[dot]in

Public Relations

Shri. Deviprasad Karnik,
Director, P&PR Unit ,
Antariksh Bhavan
New BEL Road,
Bengaluru-560 231
Phone No.080 23415275 or 080 22172296
Fax No.080 23412253
e-mail: dpkarnik[at]isro[dot]gov[dot]in 


List of Officers Handling Public/Staff Grievances in the Department Of Space and Its Centres/Units

Bengaluru -560 231

We, The Public Servants Of India Do Hereby Solemnly Pledge That We Shall Continuously Strive To Bring About Integrity and Transparency In All Spheres Of Our Activities. We also Pledge that we shall work unstintingly for eradication of corruption in all spheres of life. We shall remain vigilant and work towards the growth and reputation of organisation in all spheres of Life. Through our collective efforts, We shall bring Pride to our organisations and Provide value based service to our Country Men. We shall do our Duty Conscientiously and Act without Fear Or Favour
This Office is thus committed to maintaining the highest level of ethics in its working, Towards achieving the above objective, All are requested:

  • Not to pay bribe
  • If anybody in this department or its offices asks for bribe; or
  • If you have any information on corruption; or if you are a victim of corruption in any of our offices

The National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) is responsible to deliver satellite data products requisitioned by user institutions and individual citizens within specified time limits through the NRSC Data Centre from the following address:

NRSC Data Centre [NDC]
National Remote Sensing Centre,
Department of Space,
Government of India,
Balanagar, Hyderabad - 500 625
Phone : 00 91 040 23878560 or 23879572 Extn:2327
Fax: 00 91 040 23878664 or 23878158
e-mail: sales[at]nrsc[dot]gov[dot]in
Web: www[dot]nrsc[dot]gov[dot]in


ANTRIX Corporation is the commercial wing of the Department of Space established to promote the commercial use of satellite services across the globe, gives the following services :

  • markets sub-systems and components for satellites
  • undertakes orders for satellites to user's specifications
  • provides launch services and tracking facilities
  • organises training of manpower and software development.

Please address :
Chairman cum Managing Director,
ANTRIX Corporation Ltd.,
Antariksh Bhavan ,
New BEL Road,
Bengaluru - 560 231
Phone : 080 22178311
Fax: 080 22178312
e-mail: cmd[at]antrix[dot]gov[dot]in 

Joint Secretary and Chief Vigilance Officer,
Antariksh Bhavan New BEL Road,
Bengaluru-560 231
Phone No.080 23416393 or 080 22172303
Fax No.080 23511829
e-mail: jsoffice[at]isro[dot]gov[dot]in

Central Vigilance Commission,
Satarkta Bhawan, Block 'A'
GPO Complex, INA,
New Delhi-110 023