Capacity Building in EO Technology and its Applications

1. Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) is the nodal agency of ISRO/ DOS for capacity building in the field of ‘EO technology and its applications’ and other allied disciplines of geospatial technology. The capacity building activities of the IIRS are primarily grouped into the following three domains:  (1) Training & Education (2) Research and (3) Outreach. The Institute conducts various short term and long terms courses on Remote Sensing & GIS. The training and education programmes of the Institute are designed to meet the requirements of various target / user groups, i.e., for professionals working, at middle and supervisory levels, fresh graduates, researchers, academia, and decision makers. The duration of courses ranges from one week to two years. A total of 24 courses of different duration are conducted annually.The education programmes conducted by the Institute include

  • M.Tech course of 24 months duration (in collaboration with Andhra University )
  • M.Sc. course of 18 months duration (in collaboration with ITC, The Netherlands) in 2 disciplines

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Distance Education facility is also established at IIRS, during 2007, for conducting specific learning programmes. The EDUSAT Studio, with necessary technology, is being used to live-telecast various courses for online participation of student community.

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2. National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) also organises various training courses on Geospatial Technologies. The program at NRSC is designed to prepare the user community for effective utilization of satellite data and technology for Development and Societal Benefits. Users from various segments, such as, Government/ Autonomous organisations /Private /NGOs / Research Scholars/ Faculty from Academic Institutions, take advantage of these courses. About 20 courses are conducted each year covering about 500 officials including

  • 1 to 2 weeks theme-oriented and special courses
  • Regular courses of 2 weeks and 12 weeks duration
  • 3 days Bhuvan Geo-portal overview familiarisation
  • Customised courses of 1 to 2 weeks duration for Departments/Ministries on request basis.

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3. Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia and the Pacific (CSSTEAP) (Affiliated to the United Nations) was established in India during November, 1995 with an objective to help developing countries to design and implement education, research and application programmes in space science and technology in the Asia Pacific region. The Centre is hosted by the Govt. of India with Department of Space (DOS) as the nodal agency. DOS provides appropriate facilities and expertise to the Centre through the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS), at Dehradun, Space Applications Centre (SAC), at Ahmedabad and Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), at Ahmedabad, to support the courses. The Centre has already conducted 55 PG courses (22 in Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System, 11 in Satellite Communications (SATCOM), 10 in Satellite Meteorology & Global Climate (SATMET), 10 in Space & Atmospheric Science (SAS) and 02 in Global Navigation Satellite Systems).

  • The Centre has also conducted several short courses and workshops in past 23 years.
  • The programmes benefitted about 2040 participants (36 countries in Asia-pacific region),19 countries from outside Asia-Pacific region. PG Courses have benefitted 916 participants 
  • Short Courses have benefitted 1124 participants.