RESPOND Projects

The main objectives of the RESPOND Programme is to establish strong links with premiere academic institutions in the country to carry out research and developmental projects which are of relevance to Space and derive useful outputs of such R&D to support ISRO programmes. RESPOND programme aims to enhance academic base, generate quality human resources and infrastructure at the academic institutes to support the Indian Space programme. Under RESPOND, projects in the advanced areas of relevance to Space programme are encouraged to be taken up by premiere universities/academic institutions. ISRO helps these institutions to establish the necessary technical facilities and also provide fellowships to researchers to work on cutting edge research topics. The research studies conducted by the STC/ Academia are expected to be directed towards some of the future Space activities, which would be a good supplement to various missions undertaken by ISRO.

The research proposals received from academia for consideration under RESPOND are accepted for taking up research along with appropriate technical and financial support, only after thorough review of proposals.

Status of Ongoing RESPOND Programme

Projects and Institutions supported under the RESPOND Programme as of September, 2020.

1.Number of Projects Ongoing : 214

  • Space Science : 23
  • Space Technology : 145
  • Space Applications : 46

2.Academic Institutions supported under the Projects : 117

  • Universities and Colleges : 79
  • IITs/NITs : 31
  • Other Institutions: 7

3.Space Technology Cells at :

  • IITs (Bombay, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras, Roorkee, Guwahati and Delhi) : 7
  • IISc Bangalore : 1
  • Joint Research Programme at SP Pune University : 1

4.Conferences/Workshops supported during 2019-20 : 39

List of Completed RESPOND projects from 2000-September, 2020

List of Ongoing RESPOND Projects as of September, 2020