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Regional Academic Centres for Space [RAC-S]

Regional Academic Centre for Space (RAC-S) is a regional level new initiative to pursue advanced research in the areas of relevance to the future technological and programmatic needs of the Indian Space Programme and act as a facilitator for the promotion of space technology activities in the region.

The selected institute for the establishment of RAC-S will coordinate the research activities and will act as the lead centre. RAC-S will also engage other institutes of excellence in the area of Science and Technology in the region to take part in the research and development activities of the centre.  The lead centre will become an ambassador for capacity building, awareness creation and R & D activities of ISRO, in the region.

The centre will be headed by a regional coordinator, who will be identified by RAC-S from its existing staff. The Regional Coordinator of the RAC-S shall be responsible for overall management of the RAC-S, including its day - to - day functioning and recommending all expenditures under the approved budget of the RAC-S.

Regional Academic Centres for Space [RAC-S]