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The current e-procurement site is proposed to switch over to new website. All the registered/new vendors are requested to visit new website at https://eproc.isro.gov.in and validate your credentials for participating with ISRO centres.


Launch vehicles and satellites use various critical materials and components which are space qualified. Even though Indian industries are supplying majority of the materials, few critical materials and electronics components& packages are still being imported, as the volumes are very less for industry to produce and owing to non-availability of certain critical technologies. The import component is around 10% for launch vehicle and around 50 – 55% for satellites. Majority of materials are indigenized and inducted into the programmes. Development of materials is a continuous activity to reduce the structural weight of the hardware. In case of electronic items, a manifest is being prepared to cataloguing the items and prioritizing the components and packages for indigenization. Efforts are initiated with the Indian industry encouraging them to form consortium to invest and produce the components and packages. ISRO is also taking initiation to set-up facilities which run on GOCO basis, where the activities areare not viable through industry.