Training and Developmental Communications Channel (TDCC)

Training, Development and Communication Channel (TDCC), has been operational since 1995. It provides 1-way video & 2-way audio system of interactive education. The teaching-end includes a studio and an uplink facility for transmitting live or pre-recorded lectures. The participants at the classrooms located nationwide receive lectures through Direct Receiving Systems (DRS) and have facility to interact with lecturers using telephone lines.

Several state governments and universities are using the TDCC system extensively for Distance Education, Rural Development, Women & Child Development, Panchayati Raj, Health, Agriculture, Forestry, etc. The teaching-ends are now available at Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Karnataka and Goa. The DRS network consists of more than 5000 classrooms spread over the country.

The experience of TDCC has helped in designing EDSAT Networks under Tele-education Programme.