Towards Support to Smart Governance

Reliable information on land & water resources and their optimal management is vital for developmental planning. State level data repository comprising of natural resource database at 1:10000 scale coupled with field level information will help in strengthening decentralized planning and decision making at grass root level. In this regard, the project ‘Space based Information Support for Decentralized Planning’ would play an important role in empowering the local bodies to prepare the action plans for development of their locality.


This is a unique project, initiated at the behest of Planning Commission in 2009, to prepare district resource atlases using remote sensing and GIS techniques to strengthen various aspects of decentralised planning at district level through a coordinated approach. The salient aspects of the project include generation of natural resources database at 1:10,000 scale village map overlay; link state line-department datasets; develop ICT enabled geospatial solution; and providing space inputs for planning and development at panchayat level. The States of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Haryana, West Bengal and Assam have been selected for initial phase of implementation. However, the thematic map preparation has been taken up for all the remaining states. 2.5 m spatial resolution images are already prepared for the entire country. Thematic mapping (five layers, namely, Land Cover, Slope, Infrastructure, Drainage and Settlements) at 1:10,000 scale is in progress for five priority states. The proposed deliverables could potentially be used for some of the popular central government schemes like MGNREGA, IWMP, etc. for planning and developmental activities. 

With the advancement in Information and Communication Technology, Web based data and information dissemination has become the order of the day. ISRO has developed many such web based information systems to visualize the maps generated using remote sensing data, to visualize satellite data, oceanography and meteorology data, to provide information on Biodiversity, water resources, land use/ land cover, etc., in the public domain. Further to facilitate the user community with a common point access, all these services are synchronized under ISRO Data Portal . The data and information serviced through these portals will serve the requirements of the wide spectrum of user community.