Towards Infrastructure Development

National Urban Information System

The scheme is envisaged to meet the requirements for preparation of Master Plan / Development Plan, Transportation Plan, Urban Site Suitability Analysis and Urban Environmental Planning etc. High resolution satellite data and aerial data have been used to generate urban maps containing information such as landuse, geology, soil, settlement locations for 152 cities/ towns in the country. 
ISRO/DOS participated with Survey of India in realising National Urban Information System (NUIS) of the Ministry of Urban Development. NUIS enables the creation of an Urban Spatial Information System to meet the preparation of Development of Master Plans, Transportation Plans, Urban Site Suitability Analysis and Urban Environmental Planning. Phase-I of the project covered 152 cities/towns across the country and NRSC/ ISRO generated thematic geo-database for 142 towns on 1:10,000 scale besides acquiring aerial data for mapping at 1:2,000 scale for all 132 towns. The project is being executed in association with 25 Partner Institutions. Database for the remaining towns would be ready by the 2013. NRSC organised a one-day National Workshop on “NUIS Scheme with Special emphasis on Bhuvan” for all the Stakeholders at Hyderabad on July 31, 2012 with a focus on utilisation of NUIS databases for Master Plan preparation.



Urban Growth and Master Plan preparation

Urban growth and its related environmental problems call for sustainable urban management polices to safeguard the quality of urban environments. Expansion of urban areas due to increase in population and migration from rural areas is bound to impact on urban areas in terms of infrastructure, environment, water supply and other vital resources. Urban growth identification, quantification, rate and the trends of growth would help in regional planning for better infrastructure provision/ planning in an environmentally sound way. The multi temporal high resolution satellite data has been used to study the urban growth and master plan preparation including infrastructure development.