Mobile Satellite Services

An S-band Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) was added to INSAT system with the launch of INSAT-3C in 2002 and GSAT-2 in 2003. The following two classes of services were identified for MSS:

  1.  A small portable satellite terminal that works with INSAT for voice/data communication has been developed with the participation of Indian industries. The terminal is useful for voice communication especially during disasters when other means of communication break down. It can be used from any location in India for emergency communication. Transmit and receive frequencies of the terminal are in S-Band.
  2. The portable terminal is connected to the EPABX at central hub station through satellite channel and hence could be considered as an extension of EPABX and call could be made between any satellite terminals and local phones on EPABX. Central hub station is located at SAC, Ahmedabad.