Infrastructure for Disaster Management

Database Creation for DMS

National Database for Emergency Management (NDEM), conceived as a GIS based repository of data to support disaster/ emergency management for the country, is being realised. Civil works for the NDEM at NRSC Shadnagar are completed. The basic computer infrastructure for NDEM operations has been positioned at the newly developed NDEM Facility in Shadnagar campus of NRSC. The Phase-II computing infrastructure for NDEM is also in advance stage of realisation. 
Close-contour data are being generated for the disaster prone regions of the country using the Airborne Laser Terrain Mapping (ALTM) system and Large Format Digital Camera (LFDC), in a timely manner. This will be a key input to planning of disaster reduction measures and preparedness in terms of suitable measures, including regulations. The large amount of high resolution data is being processed with the involvement of industries at NRSC for the creation of maps.

Communication Support for Disaster Management

The communication revolution initiated through INSAT series of satellites, have made it possible to establish connectivity even with remote and inaccessible rural areas and off-shore islands. This ensures fail-safe communication during disasters, which is mandatory to plan and provide relief measures. Towards providing emergency communication for disaster management activities, and at the behest of Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), ISRO has set up a satellite based Virtual Private Network (VPN) facilitating secure data access through a dedicated electronic network connecting all the key players of disaster management - the information providers as well as the users at different levels. The National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC) of MHA, Cabinet Secretariat, NDMA, PMO, other key data providing agencies (IMD, CWC, GSI, SOI, INCOIS, NIDM), and the 20 multi-hazard prone State Emergency Operation Centres (SEOCs) are connected to the Decision Support Centre (DSC) of NRSC / ISRO. 
For a fail-safe communication during emergency, ISRO/DOS has developed INSAT Type-D terminals (portable satellite phones with solar chargeable battery packs). These terminals are positioned in different ISRO/ DOS Centres, for deployment by various States during disasters. Distress Alert Transmitter is a low cost satellite transmitter for emergency communication of alert messages from fishing boats. INSAT based Distress Alert Transmitter (DAT) developed by ISRO/DOS is distributed to fishermen though the Indian Coast Guard. The DTH based Disaster Warning Dissemination System (DWDS) is a customized Set-top box developed through BEL, Bangalore for dissemination of Disaster warnings directly to the potential victims. In the DTH based warning system, individual or group of DTH receivers can be selected for sending siren warning followed by voice message. The DTH based Digital Disaster Warning System (DDWS) is being established in 500 locations in association with India Meteorological Department (IMD) and Doordarshan.

Support to International Community

ISRO is an active partner in international initiatives to share the experiences, exchange the information and best practices towards global disaster management. DMS programme of ISRO is responding well to the International Charter on “Space and Major Disasters” and Sentinel Asia project for supporting disaster management activities in the Asia-Pacific region and the initiatives of UN OOSA, UNESCAP and BIMSTEC.