Terms and Conditions

  • Selection of the proposals are based on critical review process by experts in the concerned area by considering the overall merit of the proposal
  • ISRO reserves the right to revoke in part or in whole its support for a project at any time without assigning any reason.
  • The data sets provided must be used only for the purpose specified in the proposal. The project personnel do not have the right to lease or loan the MOM data without the prior permission of ISRO/DOS. Ownership and copyright of the data lies with ISRO .Also, this data is supplied free of cost purely for scientific research and it should not be used for any commercial purposes. Commercial use is defined as that involving the sale or resale of data, as well as data derived there from, for more than the cost of reproduction.
  • The user will make available to the scientific community the salient results of the AO projects through publication in appropriate journals or other established channels. Acknowledgement of ISRO support must be made in all reports and publications arising out of the AO projects. Copies of all publications resulting from these research projects must be submitted to SAC / SPL / LEOS, ISRO. ISRO reserves the right to use the published results in its reports and publications with due reference to the publication.
  •  The PI is requested to submit progress report every 6 months during the length of the project. A detailed report is to be submitted during the mid-term and final reviews in soft copy form.
  • The PI must maintain an inventory of data products received/ obtained under the AO project(s) and the data products must be deposited with the home institution/ISRO after the end of the project.
  • General rules and guidelines of RESPOND will be followed.

The declaration contained in the proposal format must be signed by the PI and Head of the Institution (Annexure 7). Otherwise the proposal will not be considered valid and is liable to be rejected.