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5.1 Proprietary period

There shall be a Proprietary period associated with observational data from all AstroSat instruments and in all phases and years after launch. This "proprietary period" would begin from the date the Level-1 data is made available to the payload teams and /or PIs of AO proposal.

During this proprietary period, the data will NOT BE USED by any persons or teams other than those who submitted the proposal(s) for the observations, except in cases where the PIs of proposals themselves involve such other persons.

The proprietary period for AO cycle data is 12 months. After the proprietary period, all data will be kept in ISSDC public archive which is accessible both nationally and internationally.  It is the responsibility of the Payload Operation Centres (POCs) to provide Level-2 products with a quality report to ISSDC.

Target of Opportunity (ToO) observations which are taken from ToO observation time will be processed immediately to Level 1 data and will be placed in ISSDC archive.  These data are non-proprietary and are open to public immediately after observation