3.1 Proposal preparation pre-requisites

Depending on the scientific requirement, proposals to AstroSat can be submitted for observation with a single or more instruments. Proposals are to be made as per APPS proposer’s guide and this procedures document.  Proposers can refer to redbook for the list of observed targets.

AstroSat proposals will require the following information at the minimum. 

  • Source coordinates,  source angular size if extended, V magnitude, 2-10 keV flux, estimated count rates for different instruments, exposure times, UVIT bright source list, Astroviewer output  for  feasibility of observations  of  the  target  in pdf format. (use AstroSat tools listed in section 3.3)
  • Instrument configuration parameters such as instrument mode, filter, etc. (Ref. Handbook)

Scientific and technical justification