5.2 Data rights & obligations

The Principal Investigators (PIs) of all the proposals will have exclusive rights to all the data from the instruments he/ she has configured in the proposal amongst the co-aligned instruments (namely LAXPC, CZTI, SXT and twin telescope UVIT) for those fields that are observed with AstroSat against their proposals,

Data rights for other objects detected within the observed field of observation also belong to the PI of the proposal, unless they communicate not to have it.  At present there is no way to separate target data and field data.  The proposal PI may collaborate with payload teams (and vice versa) for analysis of data on field objects other than primary target.

The data rights of the instruments not configured by the PI will be made open for piggy back setting by payload teams.  Such data will be provided to the payload teams and proprietary period remains the same as AO proposal.

Any instrument team or PI has the right to reduce the proprietary period by sending an email to [email protected] with copy to ISSDC team ([email protected]) recommending for placing the data in ISSDC data archive before the end of the proprietary period.