3.5 Proposal handling in APPS

The receipt of each incoming proposal will be automatically acknowledged.   At the end of submission date, the APPS will forward them to the ATAC for scientific review, while performing some assessments and preparing overall statistics on the response.   All the committees are constituted by Chairman, ISRO. 

The ATAC will assign priorities to each proposal as A, B and C (and, as needed, grade individual observations within a proposal). The ATAC may ask some proposers to reduce the observing time or the number of targets in a proposal. Such proposals will be made available for revision to the PIs. The proposers will be able to submit a revised proposal before the set deadline only for changes recommended by the ATAC. Such proposals, if not revised before the deadline, will be excluded from the list of successful proposal.

The technical feasibility of making the observations will be conducted by AstroSat Technical Committee (ATC) with support from Mission operations team. 

One of the parameters used to plan which observations will be carried out during a particular orbit, is the priority of the observations as allocated by the ATAC and ATC.  However, for operational reasons, no guarantee can be given that a particular observation will in fact be executed, regardless of its grade.