3.3.4 Bright Source Warning Tool (BSWT)

Help Page: http://uvit.iiap.res.in/Software/bswt/Help Present Version 1.6.1 (4 July 2016).   Aim of the tool is to inform the proposer whether the region of the sky around a science target is safe / unsafe for UVIT to take observations. The program scans for stars brighter than the safety threshold and lists out the count rates of these bright stars in all the 10 filters in the FUV and NUV telescopes. This program identifies all the bright stars within 20 arcmin radius of the target object.  See also guidelines document at the same website. Please note that as per the latest process used by UVIT this output is only used to check for filters of VIS (320-550 nm) channel; the checks for NUV/FUV filters are not made with this list.  Hence the following mandatory checks are necessary. 

Mandatory checks to be done for UVIT observations

The UVIT is not designed to observe very bright sources and the presence of a bright source in the UVIT field of observation can cause “Bright Object Trigger” in the hardware that would switch OFF all three detectors. In addition, the presence of an ultra-bright source near the UVIT field of view will scatter excessive radiation beyond the allowed limit. One of the UVITs, the VIS channel is primarily used for the spacecraft tracking. It is the proposers’ responsibility to ensure smooth tracking during their proposed observations. Hence the proposers need to exercise extra caution in preparing a proposal for UVIT observations. It is strongly recommended that the proposers follow the guideline described in detail in the document (ref: http://uvit.iiap.res.in/sites/uvit.iiap.res.in/files/Guidelines_for_proposal_submission_3.pdf, v 0.5, 09 June 2016) for mandatory checks to be done for UVIT observations.