May 04, 1994


SROSS-C2 Second satellite successfully orbited by ASLV. Worked for four years after its launch.
Mission Experimental
Weight 115 kg
Onboard power 45 Watts
Communication S-band and VHF
RCS Monopropellant Hydrazine based with six
1 Newton thrusters
Payload Gamma Ray Burst (GRB) & Retarding
Potential Analyser (RPA)
Launch date May 04,1994
Launch site SHAR Centre,Sriharikota,India
Launch vehicle Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle (ASLV)
Orbit 430 x 600 km.
Inclination 45 deg.
Mission life Six months (nominal)
Orbital life Two years (nominal)


प्रमोचन भार / Launch Mass: 
115 kg
मिशन कालावधि / Mission Life : 
Six months (nominal)
शक्ति / Power: 
45 W
प्रमोचक राकेट / Launch Vehicle: 
उपग्रह का प्रकार / Type of Satellite: 
Science & Exploration
निर्माता / Manufacturer: 
स्‍वामी / Owner: 
अनुप्रयोग / Application: