Apr 26, 2012


Radar Satellite-1 (RISAT-1) is a state of the art Microwave Remote Sensing Satellite carrying a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Payload operating in C-band (5.35 GHz), which enables imaging of the surface features during both day and night under all weather conditions.


Active Microwave Remote Sensing provides cloud penetration and day-night imaging capability. These unique characteristics of C-band (5.35GHz) Synthetic Aperture Radar enable applications in agriculture, particularly paddy monitoring in kharif season and management of natural disasters like flood and cyclone.

Mass 1858 kg
Orbit Circular Polar Sun Synchronous
Orbit Altitude 536 km
Orbit Inclination 97.552o
Orbit Period 95.49 min
Number of Orbits per day 14
Local Time of Equator Crossing 6:00 am / 6:00 pm
Power Solar Array generating 2200 W and one 70 AH Ni-H2 battery
Repetivity 25 days
Attitude and Orbit Control 3-axis body stabilised using Reaction Wheels, Magnetic Torquers and Hydrazine Thrusters
Nominal Mission Life 5 years
Launch date April 26, 2012
Launch site SDSC SHAR Centre, Sriharikota, India
Launch vehicle PSLV- C19


प्रमोचन भार / Launch Mass: 
1858 kg
मिशन कालावधि / Mission Life : 
5 years
शक्ति / Power: 
2200 W
प्रमोचक राकेट / Launch Vehicle: 
उपग्रह का प्रकार / Type of Satellite: 
Earth Observation
निर्माता / Manufacturer: 
स्‍वामी / Owner: 
अनुप्रयोग / Application: 
Earth Observation
कक्षा का प्रकार / Orbit Type: