Oct 15, 1994


First Spacecraft successfully orbited onboard the second developmental flight of PSLV.

Mission completed during 1997 after serving for 3 years.

Mission Operational Remote Sensing
Weight 804 kg
onboard power 510 Watts
Communication S-band, X-band
Stabilization Three axis body stabilized with 4 Reaction Wheels,
Magnetic torquers
RCS 4 tanks containing Monopropellant Hydrazine
based with sixteen 1 N thrusters and one 11 N
Payload Two solid state Push Broom Cameras operating in
four spectral bands in the visible and near-IR range
using CCD arrays: LlSS-2A & LlSS-2B
(Resolution: 32.74 metre)
Launch date October 15, 1994
Launch site SHAR Centre, Sriharikota, India
Launch vehicle PSLV-D2
Inclination 98.68o
Repetivity 24 days
Mission completed on 1997


प्रमोचन भार / Launch Mass: 
804 kg
शक्ति / Power: 
510 W
प्रमोचक राकेट / Launch Vehicle: 
उपग्रह का प्रकार / Type of Satellite: 
Earth Observation
निर्माता / Manufacturer: 
स्‍वामी / Owner: 
अनुप्रयोग / Application: 
Earth Observation
कक्षा का प्रकार / Orbit Type: