Jul 26, 2013


INSAT-3D is an advanced weather satellite of India configured with improved Imaging System and Atmospheric Sounder. INSAT-3D is designed for enhanced meteorological observations, monitoring of land and ocean surfaces, generating vertical profile of the atmosphere in terms of temperature and humidity for weather forecasting and disaster warning.

It carries four payloads -

  • 6 channel multi-spectral Imager
  • 19 channel Sounder
  • Data Relay Transponder (DRT)
  • Search and Rescue Transponder

The payloads of INSAT-3D provides continuity and further augment the capability to provide various meteorological as well as search and rescue services.

Mission Meteorological and Search & Rescue Services
Mass At Lift-Off 2060 kg
Power Solar panel generating 1164 W Two 18 Ah Ni-Cd batteries
Physical Dimensions 2.4m x 1.6m x 1.5m
Propulsion 440 Newton Liquid Apogee Motor (LAM) and twelve 22 Newton thrusters with Mono Methyl Hydrazine (MMH) as fuel and mixed Oxides of Nitrogen (MON-3) as oxidizer
Stabilisation 3-asix body stabilized in orbit using Sun Sensors, Star Sensors, gyroscopes, Momentum and Reaction Wheels, Magnetic Torquers and thrusters
Antennae 0.9m and 1.0m body mounted antennas
Launch date
July 26, 2013
Launch site Kourou, French Guiana
Launch vehicle Ariane-5 VA-214
Orbit Geostationary, 82 deg E Longitude
Mission life 7 Years
प्रमोचन भार / Launch Mass: 
2060 Kg
आयाम / Dimension: 
2.4m x 1.6m x 1.5m
मिशन कालावधि / Mission Life : 
7 Years
शक्ति / Power: 
1164 W
Ariane-5 VA-214
उपग्रह का प्रकार / Type of Satellite: 
Earth Observation
निर्माता / Manufacturer: 
स्‍वामी / Owner: 
अनुप्रयोग / Application: 
Climate & Environment
Disaster Management System
कक्षा का प्रकार / Orbit Type: