May 05, 2005


CARTOSAT–1 is the first Indian Remote Sensing Satellite capable of providing in-orbit stereo images. The images were used for Cartographic applications meeting the global requirements. Cameras of this satellite have a resolution of 2.5m (can distinguish a small car).

The Cartosat–1 provided stereo pairs required for generating Digital Elevation Models, Ortho Image products, and Value added products for various applications of Geographical Information System (GIS).
Launch date 5 May 2005
Launch site SHAR Centre Sriharikota India
Launch vehicle PSLV- C6
Orbit 618 km Polar Sun Synchronous
Payloads PAN FORE, PAN - AFT
Orbit Period 97 min
Number of Orbits Per day 14
Local time of equator crossing 10:30 am
Repetivity 126 days
Revisit 5 days
Lift-Off mass 1560 kg
Attitude and orbit control 3-axis body stabillised using reaction wheels, Magnetic Torquers and Hydrazine Thrusters
Electrical power 15 sqm Solar Array generating 1100w,
Two 24 Ah Ni-Cd batteries
Mission life 5 years
Launch Mass: 
1560 kg
Mission Life: 
5 years
1100 W
Launch Vehicle: 
Type of Satellite: 
Earth Observation
Earth Observation
Orbit Type: