TCXOs are Critical Element in all Communication and Navigation Payloads. The technology necessitates long delivery schedules, typically 14-18 months. Imported TCXOs were used till GSAT-7.

Rakon India (Previously Centum Rakon Pvt. Ltd) designed and developed TCXOs around 2012. All TCXOs flown then are developed and delivered by M/s Rakon, India.

Over 200 TCXOs delivered and used onboard GSAT-7, GSAT-11, GSAT-14, GSAT-15, GSAT-16, GSAT-17, GSAT-18, GSAT-19, GSAT-20, GSAT-22, GSAT-24, GSAT-29, GSAT-30, GSAT-31, GISAT, IDRSS-1 & IRNSS / NVS Payloads. While each imported TCXO costed USD 7286 (in 2008), indigenous one costed Rs. 3.85 L (in 2018).