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27th Landsat Technical Working Group Meeting held at Hyderabad

The 27th Landsat Technical Working Group Meeting (LTWG-27) was held at Hyderabad during May 7-11, 2018, jointly organized by US Geological Survey (USGS) and ISRO. USGS organises LTWG meetings regularly and provides technical forum for Landsat International Cooperator to discuss on the issues related to Landsat data reception and future plans. USGS organises this meeting in different countries who are receiving the Landsat data and become the International Cooperator.

ISRO and USGS had signed a MoU on the 'Cooperation in the exchange and use of US land remote sensing satellite data (Landsat-8) and ISRO's Resourcesat-2'. Accordingly, ISRO is receiving the Landsat-7 & 8 data directly in India in lieu of Resourcesat-2 (AWiFS and LISS III) data of US region to USGS. As NRSC is receiving the Landsat in India and is one of the Landsat International Cooperator, USGS  proposed to organise its 27th meeting in Hyderabad.

Around 27 foreign participants from 15 Countries and scientists from ISRO participated in the meet. The meeting included briefings on the Landsat-8 mission, focused sessions for on-orbit performance and ground segment system operations; additionally, there were updates on the still operational Landsat-7 mission, plan for Landsat-9 (to be launched in 2020) and road map. Special sessions on Analysis Ready Data (ARD) and Real-time Data Applications were also organised. This meeting collected the requirements of future Landsat mission in terms of resolution, spectral bands, radiometry etc.

NRSC briefed the status of Landsat 7 & 8 data acquisition and dissemination; and a bilateral meet was also held between ISRO and USGS for the future data exchange from both the agencies for the satellites in the mid resolution segment and sharing of each other CalVal site for the data improvement of their satellite data products.


Participants of LTWG-27 Meeting

Participants of LTWG-27 Meeting