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Satellite News Gathering and Dissemination

Satellite News Gathering using INSAT system enables on the spot real-time news coverage and important events at different locations for transmission to a Central Station at Delhi or to State Capitals for rebroadcast over respective DD channels. Prasar Bharati has 12 C-band and 16 Ku-band Digital Outdoor-Broadcast DSNG terminals operating through INSAT, IS-10 and IS-906 network. 2 in Ku-band and 6 in C-band DSNG terminals are in the process of induction. 16 more DSNGs in C-Band are proposed to be introduced in the network during 11th plan.

Press Trust of India (PTI) is implementing a system to provide its news and information services at higher speed and increased volume and variety directly to a wider range of media and other users by utilising the broadcast facilities of INSAT-3C. The project utilises a Radio Networking (RN) type of channel on one of the broadcast (CxS) transponders of the satellite. PTI satellite news and facsimile dissemination project is working with 15 terminals (14 from PTI and one shared with AIR).

Eight transportable uplink terminals (DSNG) are being utilized by AIR for coverage of events taking place at remote locations and for relay of programmes directly from the spot via INSAT. In addition to this three more DSNG terminals are in the process of induction at different AIR stations. These terminals are capable of uplinking CD quality music channel from any remote location.

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