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Y2K -- All ISRO Satellites Functioning Normally
All ISRO satellites have passed through the millennium transition and no anomalies have been observed on the functioning of any of the satellites. The transition occurred at 5.30 am IST this morning (January 1, 2000); space systems operations follow GMT as reference time which is 5 1/2 hour behind IST. ISRO has five INSAT satellites (INSAT-1D, INSAT-2B, INSAT-2C, INSAT-2DT and INSAT-2E), five Remote Sensing Satellites (IRS-1B, IRS-1C, IRS-1D, IRS-P3 and IRS-P4) besides scientific satellite SROSS-C2) that are in operation.

It may be noted that ISRO had initiated Y2K compliance activities as far back as June 1998 and has closely monitored and reviewed the Y2K activities through a three tier task team. INSAT and IRS Systems had been assessed to be "Y2K indifferent"; the satellites operate by referencing the sun and do not contemplate time and dates and hence were not expected to face any problem during the transition. The mission operations ground systems had been analysed and necessary modifications incorporated to make them Y2K compliant. ISRO had also carried out detailed mission simulations with real data sets to ensure compliance in an operational environment. Further, contingency plans to take care of any unforeseen problems during the actual Y2K transition were also in place.

Expert teams of designers and software specialists were present at the Spacecraft Control Centre at INSAT Master Control Facility, Hassan and the Spacecraft Control Centre of ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network at Bangalore during the Y2K transition early this morning. All the Y2K certified systems performed normally and provided the necessary support for monitoring and controlling the satellites.

Y2K transition has not affected any of the space services.

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